Volti Audio Vittora Speakers - Please contact us for pricing and shipping options
Vittora Quick Specs:
Frequency response is 50Hz to 20Khz
Power handling is 100watts RMS
Sensitivity is 104db 1W/1M
32" wide at the front, 15" wide at the rear, 27" deep, 40" tall
The bass horns weigh @127lbs. each, and the upper horns weigh @60lbs. each

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The Vittora is a fully horn-loaded, three-way, high-efficiency speaker system that delivers wide dynamic range, high output, and extremely low distortion.  It IS a horn speaker, and it gives us everything we like about horns while minimizing the problems that plague some other horn designs.  The Vittora strikes a balance between the sound of a high-end, smooth, audiophile speaker, and the in-your-face, lively, dynamic sound of a big horn system.  It is unmistakably true to the all-horn format, but polite enough to be taken seriously by any audiophile.

The Vittora utilizes a 15" woofer in a folded horn to produce solid, accurate bass.  Even at high output levels, the distortion from this horn is undetectable, and the result is a quickness and definition that you can only get with a horn design.  There's no ported bass sound with this horn speaker!  You get tight, accurate bass, a correct sounding mid-bass, and perfect integration between the bass and mid.


The Vittora uses a large wooden midrange horn with a tractrix flare that I build myself.  The horn has a 2" throat and uses a large-format midrange compression driver with a 3-1/2" voice coil.  This combination of large, solidly built wooden horn with a large throat and huge midrange compression driver results in a midrange sound that is effortless and easy to listen to.  There is no constriction of the sound through a tiny throat, there is no edginess, graininess, or honky sound that so many other horn designs suffer from.  The Vittora midrange is smooth and articulate, dynamic and uncolored.  The midrange is truly the heart of this loudspeaker, and the listener is rewarded with a musicality from this midrange horn that is very rare in this industry, at any price.


The tweeter was carefully chosen to provide the same sensitivity and dynamics as the rest of the system, and the high end is crisp, yet lush.

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