A Greg Roberts design...
The Alura is a three-way, high-efficiency, low-distortion speaker system with a smooth and extended frequency range, and a handsome cabinet design...

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The Alura uses a ported bass cabinet for extended low frequencies.   The woofer and cabinet are designed to produce tight, deep bass, as well as accurate mid-bass to 400Hz. The midrange horn is a large wooden tractrix flare horn with a 2" throat.   This large format horn is driven by a high-quality 2" compression driver capable of extremely high output with low distortion.  This large format and underused midrange driver is what lends the effortless sound to the Alura midrange.   There is no other part of the speaker more important than the midrange, and the Alura excels here, with a big, wide-open midrange sound that is both smooth and articulate. High frequencies are handled by a state of the art compression tweeter that is built into the mouth of the midrange horn.

This unique method of tweeter mounting provides a cohesive voice for the entire upper end by blending seemlessly with the midrange.  The extended highs from this powerful tweeter provide the sparkle and brillance to top off the spectacular sound that comes from the Alura.


Crossover construction is the very highest quality available. State of the art design and the highest quality components enable these crossovers to provide the very best voicing for the Alura.The split design fits perfectly around the midrange driver, and the inputs and adjustments are easy to get to at the back of the cabinet. As with all Volti crossovers, aesthetics count!  The real beauty is in the user friendly design, which allows for midrange attenuation, tweeter attenuation, and three different mid-bass voicings, so that the speakers can be tailored to your particular taste.


Cabinet construction is all top quality, with 1" Baltic Birch plywood used for the bass section and 3/4" Baltic Birch for the upper section.   Quality veneers are hand laid and sanded to perfection.  The backs and bottoms of the speakers get several coats of primer and paint, and the veneer is finished with several coats of catalized lacquer in a medium rubbed finish.   The grills are covered with a high quality acoustic cloth, and the woofer grills are attached with magnets.  The result of all this detailed work is beauty and elegance that will last a lifetime.  Wherever you look on the Alura, you will be impressed with the quality and detail.

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