The Veretta Uses The Feastrex NF5 Driver
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The Feastrex NF5 driver is a full range driver with a factory-specified frequency response of 35Hz - 25,000Hz (+/- 3db), a sensitivity of 94db (1W/1M), and a continuous power input rating of 15W.

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  • $10,700.00 tax excl.

The cabinet has curved sides in a "boat-tail" design.  It is interesting to note that the front of the cabinet is not the widest point.  The sides narrow in at the front slightly, which provides a better view of the wood sides of the cabinet from more angles.  Besides the aesthetics, this also allows the front of the cabinet to be as small as possible, which reduces reflections. The curved sides are instrumental in reducing standing waves inside the cabinet.   In addition, there are plates strategically located inside the cabinet that are used to specially tune the cabinet to provide balance to the tonal characteristics of the midrange/mid-bass.  The port size and shape works with the internal structure of the cabinet to produce a warm sounding bass that is unexpected from a speaker with this size driver. The midrange of the Veretta blends into mid-bass, which blends into the bass efforlessly, providing an overall tonal balance that is often lacking in small single-driver speakers.

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