Bryston Model T

Introducing the BRYSTON Model T Loudspeaker

Since Bryston was founded five decades ago, our electronics have been mated with numerous
reference quality loudspeakers from around the world. The challenge has always been to find a
loudspeaker that has both accurate reproduction and the ability to play the dynamics our
amplifiers are capable of reproducing without distortion or compression.

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Driver Technology

Coupled with our design goal of the highest level of accuracy is also the ability for the Model T to play high levels of SPL without distortion or compression. By using multiple drivers and working with Axiom to custom design each one, we were able to accomplish this goal.

The advantage of custom made drivers, crossovers, and a cabinet is the total control we have over the system design. Using off-the-shelf drivers severely restricts design options because it creates the need for compromises to be made to work with the pre-established driver characteristics. Our drivers use die-cast aluminum baskets, substantial
magnet assemblies, and custom motor systems. Also, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) design software was used to optimize the design of the drivers.

Unit To Unit Matching

One of the critical requirements for creating a quality three dimensional image in your room is that each loudspeaker must be matched as closely as possible in all aspects of their performance. Unit to unit variances in performance can inhibit the sound. For example, the ability to place instruments in the proper location and create a believable soundstage where the speakers disappear and the performance fills the room with a convincing performance. We take great care in making sure this continuity is maintained for each and every loudspeaker we manufacture.

Dynamic Compression

One of the major issues with many speakers is dynamic compression. If you hear a very loud sound such as the1812 Overture cannon shots, there is a huge dynamic range associated with the sound. Small 2-way and 3-way loudspeakers fall short trying to recreate the huge dynamics range necessary to produce realistic sound pressure levels. With Model T, one of the foremost priorities was to create a speaker that could truly reproduce these real world dynamics without compression.


After evaluating several tweeter technologies including domes, horns,
magnetic planers, ribbons, and ring radiators, we ultimately preferred properly executed titanium dome tweeters. The titanium dome tweeters provides the most natural sound, superb measurements, and high power handling.

Midrange Drivers

Extensive tests were performed on highly respected midrange drivers in other very expensive reference level speakers. We were able to get the most natural sounding midrange drivers using a combination of ceramic coated aluminum/magnesium cone material with robust cast aluminum speaker baskets.


The woofers are also constructed with custom ceramic coated aluminum/magnesium cone material, extremely robust cast aluminum speaker basket, and oversized motor assembly.


The crossovers are specifically designed as an integral part of the overall system; controlling not just the dividing of the frequencies between the drivers but also tailoring the overall amplitude response. Bryston crossovers are also designed to be high power to integrate perfectly with Bryston amplifiers; capable of delivering real world dynamics.


Model T cabinets are designed to reproduce extremely high SPL without introducing any cabinet resonances. Bracing in the correct areas is critical and, contrary to popular belief, it is not a simple more is better. The Model T has a complex internal cross bracing system that eliminates cascading resonances. In addition to the complex brace design, the unique non-parallel cabinet shape also aids in eliminating resonances and internal standing waves. The front baffle is a laminated 1.5 inch thick material to provide for ridged mounting of the multiple high powered drivers. The drivers should move, not the front baffle. Model T standard vinyl wrapped finishes are black ash, natural cherry, and Boston cherry. Hardwood veneer finishes are also available.

Anechoic Chamber

Our Canadian speaker design and manufacturing facility has a very unique
advantage... an on-site anechoic chamber! Anechoic chambers are reflection free rooms that are used by the superior speaker manufacturers to do all the loudspeaker testing in an environment where early reflections and outside noise issues are eliminated from the measurements. Anechoic chambers are extremely expensive to build however; they are invaluable when designing a quality loudspeaker. Measurements can be made showing exactly how the on and off axis responses of the loudspeaker are performing. The Anechoic Chamber can also be utilized for more accurate distortion detection. Using state of the art B&K accelerometers and measurement microphones, minute levels of distortion do not go undetected. Model T loudspeakers are meticulously designed utilizing a combination of the measurements taken in the anechoic chamber combined with results from double blind listening tests to provide our customers with as accurate a loudspeaker as is currently obtainable.

Signature Series

The Signature Series version of the Model T has a upgraded external crossover with the ability to upgrade to a fully active version. Optional wood
veneers are available. Model T Signature external passive crossover is
meticulously engineered to achieve extreme tonal neutrality. It is constructed with high quality, tight tolerance components. The crossover board is mil-spec quality with thick copper traces. Premium silver solder is used for all solder connections. Proper integration of the drivers, crossover, and cabinet is critical in determining uniformity of the speaker’s output in
all directions (power response). The crossover, drivers, & cabinet were designed with a Systems Engineering integrated approach, not independently.
The result is astonishing clarity, transparency, and true three dimensional realism.
Information regarding the ability to upgrade to a fully active version will be available soon in the Model T active brochure.


A “state of the art” audio system involves what some refer to as a “suspension of disbelief”. These means the playback system transcends the recorded medium and transports you to a live venue. You forget it’s a recording and believe you are there at the live performance.

Our goal with the Bryston Model T loudspeaker is to provide our customers
with a superior level of “disbelief”. Again, we invite you to bring your favorite
music to engulfaudio and give Model T an audition.

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    Our goal with the Bryston Model T loudspeaker is to provide our customers\r\nwith a superior level of “disbelief”. Again, we invite you to bring your favorite\r\nmusic to engulfaudio and give Model T an audition.\r\n

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